Are you getting enough Sleep?

This month Steph from Barnett’s Wholefoods shares her thoughts and gives us some handy tips.

I’m always tired……

Seems to be the constant cry in the shop at the moment. There can, of course, be a dozen different reasons for this, and discovering the reason is always the first step to finding the remedy.

My first question – and pardon me for asking the obvious – is, are you getting enough sleep?

Most people would say no, probably not. If, like most of the world these days, you are constantly rushed off your feet, try to get at least one early night a week rather than having a long catch-up sleep on a Sunday morning.

You’d be surprised at the difference one before- 10 night a week can make. If you go to bed but don’t sleep well there is lots of herbal help available, valerian and hops seeming to be the cure for most people. It’s non-addictive and you only take as and when you need it.

If you get your sleep but are still always tired, take a good look at your diet. You wouldn’t expect your car to run if you didn’t give it the right fuel, and you can’t expect your body to do it either.

B vitamins and omega oils (or essential fatty acids) are vital in converting your food into energy, so if you’re not eating seeds, nuts and oily fish as part of your everyday diet you could probably benefit enormously from taking these as a supplement. They’re not expensive and can make a really big difference to both your energy levels and your stress levels.

anybody out there who would say they’re not stressed? I don’t imagine many hands went up there! I won’t bore you with the physiological science (though I will if you want me to – call in the shop when you’ve got a spare half hour!) but even slight anxiety on a daily basis quickly turns into exhaustion.

Have your New Year resolutions to find a yoga/meditation class/ take time out to relax/ go for a walk/ listen to some music, taken a back seat, taken over by the stresses and strains of everyday life?

If they simply don’t fit in, at least treat yourself to a herb that helps you feel calmer and more in control. There are several available, such as Passiflora when you’ve had a crisis, or Avena Sativa if you’re one of life’s born worriers, or Ginseng, known as a stress adaptogen, all of which can help enormously without being sedative at all.

All in all, we need to run on good fuel, not adrenalin, and if you can sort those two factors out you should find yourself sleeping well and up and running in the day.

The herbs and supplements, together with expert professional advice, are available from our shop 6 days a week.

Come and see if we can help you in the right direction. Take care.