Rosa Mosqueta

rosa mosqueta

Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil is pressed from the rosehips and is extremely rich in Essential Fatty Acids (E.F.A.’s) that are necessary for the body to heal scar tissue.

The fats found in Rosa Mosqueta are primarily Omega 3 & 6 – the latter being the most prevalent. Omega 6 is also known as Gamma Linoleic Acid (G.L.A.) – and is also found in Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower (or Borage) Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil – but the levels in Rosa Mosqueta are far higher.

G.L.A. is needed by the body to produce the compounds required to heal scar tissue and maintain soft, velvety skin. In addition to a high concentration of E.F.A.'s – Rosa Mosqueta oil has also been found to contain Trans-Retinoic Acid - a natural form of Vitamin A. This naturally occurring compound is part of the explanation of Rio Rosa Mosqueta’s effectiveness for scarring and ageing effects such as pigmentation.

These effects have been verified in many clinical trials.

With a success rate of over 90% in clinical trials this 100% pure, pressed Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil, with no additives or chemicals, really is ‘The’ Natural alternative for fading scars and blemishes.

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How does it work?

It replenishes and repairs your skin from within. What’s really unique about Rio Rosa Mosqueta is that it’s an extremely rich natural source of essential fatty acids (mainly Omega 3 and 6) which are essential to skin regeneration.

It’s these EFA’s that are used by the body to produce hormone-like substances which encourage cell growth. These new ‘perfect’ cells slowly migrate to the surface – creating fresh new hydrated skin and eventually fading scars and blemishes.

Rio Rosa Mosqueta maintains the texture of your skin and hydrates it with naturally occurring nutrients; gamma linoleic acid and trans retinoic acid, leaving you with soft supple skin.