Enhance your resistance to Infection

Clinical trials have shown that Beta1,3 /1,6 glucans, otherwise known as Wellmune WGP- a derivative of Baker’s yeast, can enhance resistance to infection generally, by 60%. Studies have shown that it is effective at reducing the likelihood of catching colds and flu in particular.

It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and generally well tolerated.Those who normally avoid yeast due to a Candida infection can rest assured that this substance will also enhance their resistance to this debilitating condition. I am making sure that all my family and staff are taking Bio-Glucan, which contains Beta1,3 /1,6 glucans, the most effective natural immune booster available.

There are plenty of other immune-enhancing supplements available to choose from. Zinc and Vitamin C, for example, will complement herbs such as Echinacea, Astragalus, or even plenty of fresh, raw Garlic. Even berries-especially Elderberries- have been shown to boost the body’s resistance to viruses. Homeopathic treatments can be very effective but must be chosen very carefully. Consult a qualified Homeopath. Alternatively the staff at Barnetts can help with “over the counter” strengths.

Remember that stress and bad diet can radically reduce immune function so look after yourself.

Of course, reducing exposure to infection is important too. Use an effective antibacterial hand-gel frequently and try not to touch hands to any part of the face. This has been shown to be the most common route for infection. Any of the above remedies should reduce the length and severity of symptoms. Most cases of flu respond well to keeping warm, bed-rest, plenty of fluids and of course - Tender Loving Care.

Colds and Flu usually warn us with aches and pains that they are coming, so, if we’re paying attention, we can sometimes stop them dead. A few drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in water, swallowed or used as a gargle can often do this, Colloidal Silver is effective too. Unlike antibiotics, these substances kill some viruses as well as bacteria. For more information on any of the substances mentioned, contact Barnett’s Wholefoods. Once again, if your symptoms are persistent, unusual or you are in any doubt, always consult a Doctor.