Food Allergy Testing

Most so-called food allergies are more accurately referred to as food intolerances. Correctly identifying and eliminating certain foods may dramatically relieve conditions such as:

A strict diet alone is rarely the magic wand that many hope for, because, unless underlying causes are addressed, one will be left with, at best, a restricted and inconvenient long-term diet - at worst, the diet will become more and more restricted as new food intolerances appear.

It is, therefore, most important to address other issues, such as stress, deeply-buried emotional issues, unhealthy lifestyle or candida. These may be the underlying causes of the food intolerances and, therefore, of the various health problems.

By taking an holistic, individually-tailored approach, solutions will be found, which result in permanent improvements to health and well-being, without following an inconvenient and restricted diet for longer than is necessary

If a food intolerance test proves necessary, I use a kit of 178 homeopathically-diluted foods. The test is non-invasive, using muscle testing, and can be safely and accurately used for the very old, disabled, babies and even animals.

I give full instructions and support for the elimination, desensitisation to and reintroduction of offending foods

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