How are you feeling today?

Meet Janet from Barnett’s Wholefoods on St.John’s Road. janet Each month one of the team at Barnett’s will be sharing with us their tips on how to keep us happy and healthy so if you know what’s good for you read on! It’s your life, only YOU can make it better! (But there’s lots of help out there) How are you feeling today? Pretty bad? That’s good,because now you have plenty of incentive to put in some effort and so things can only get better.

Body, mind and spirit, they are all linked and if one seems to be out of balance, then you can be sure that some changes in all three departments are usually necessary. Telling yourself that nothing will really make a difference? Think again - most medical conditions respond to informed self-help.

Widely accepted tactics to boosting one’s health include losing weight, stopping smoking or drinking alcohol, reducing stress by relaxing more or expressing pent-up emotions, drinking more water( or herbal teas) and training the mind to think in more positive ways. These lifestyle changes have proved their worth time and time again and must form the foundation of any plan for improving health.

There are other less widely known but just as powerful tools in helping us to better health. Herbs, vitamins and mine r a l s , Homeopa thy, meditation CD’s, aromatherapy, flower remedies and a wide range or complementary therapies can all make a profound difference.

At Barnett’s Wholefood’s, we’ve seen cholesterol levels reduced several points to normal levels simply by taking Cynara, or Kyolic Garlic. Depression has lifted permanently with the use of a good quality St John’s Wort supplement. Digestive problems are often sorted by paying attention to diet (especially food intolerances), reducing stress and perhaps taking a good quality probiotic. Difficult behaviour in children can be transformed by the judicious use of Omega Oils, improvements in diet and Bach flower remedies or relaxation CD’s for children ( often their parents need the same treatment as the children!) Even seemingly dramatic, or life threatening conditions can be eased by the proper and i n f o rme d u s e o f t h e s e ‘complementary’ resources.

We’re not claiming miracle cures (necessarily) and improvement or healing requires commitment, patience and a positive mental attitude.An open mind helps enormously, too. Remember that body, mind and spirit are inseperable- all affect each other. So be prepared to think outside the box. It’s surprising how often a physical ailment can be eased,sometimes dramatically, by paying attention to sorting emotional or spiritual issues.

All the supplements, CD’s etc mentioned above, with informed and caring advice on which ones to choose and effective complementary therapies are available at Barnett’s Wholefoods, St John’s Road, Waterloo. Tel 0151 949 0004