Ear Candles

Hopi ear candles are named after the native American tribe who first introduced this therapy to the West. The Hopi nation are renowned for their extensive knowledge of healing and their spiritual lifestyle. Translated Hopi means "peaceful ones". The candles can be used to treat many ailments, including migraine and headaches, glue ear in children, catarrh, sore throats, sinusitis, tonsillitis, ‘flu and excessive ear wax.

Despite the name, the ‘candles’ are in fact hollow tubes made in the traditional Hopi Indian way by using a combination of honey, organically grown linen and beeswax.

During Ear Candle treatment - known as Thermo-Auricular Therapy - the candles work in three phases, the first being a chimney effect where a gentle suction, draws out debris from the ear. Next, the mild heat stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, boosting the immune system, therefore boosting the body’s natural cleansing action. Finally a regulation of the pressure within the sinuses.

You do not need to be worried about being burnt. The candles have a filtering system and no residue can enter the ear. You will feel a warming sensation but the effect is gentle and relaxing.

Many people report an immediate release of pressure in their head after just one treatment session, although; depending on the condition, a number of sessions may be required to ease an ongoing problem fully.

A session begins with the therapist asking questions relating to your medical history. The candle is then lit and placed gently but firmly in the ear creating a seal and is held in position. The heat from the flame creates the mild suction, which helps even the pressure in the sinuses, clearing the whole area in general. As the candle burns the warm herbal vapour circulates around the ear working on the impurities and deposits which are either carried away in the smoke or left condensed in the base, when the candle has burnt down to the required mark it is removed. A treatment takes about half an hour and costs £25. To book an appointment call 0151 949 0004